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5 Essential Hair Products Every Man Should Own

5 Essential Hair Products Every Man Should Own

There’s no better feeling than leaving the barbershop with a fresh style. No matter where you’re headed next, you know it’s going to be with your best foot forward. A few days later, that pep in your step can fade because it's time to wash your hair and lose that beloved look. But with the right products, it doesn’t have to stop your stride. Here are five hair care products that can help you maintain your style: 

1. Shampoo

A fundamental hair care essential, shampoo works to remove dirt and leftover products from your hair. It also acts as a cleanse for your scalp from excess oil. It gives it a clean slate to be reworked into the style you choose. If you’re on the hunt for a new shampoo, try out a few testers or sample sizes until you find the one you like best. Is the scalp more on the sensitive side? Opt for shampoo that’s sulphate and paraben-free. 

2. Conditioner

Although you might be tempted to skip this step, conditioners are formulated to help your hair with the qualities it lacks and restore moisture. Increase volume, enhance hydration, or keep a balance of both with the right conditioner. As a general tip, try to apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair and avoid the scalp because used there, it can make hair greasy faster.

3. Hair Styling Products (Pomade, Wax, or Gel)

If you’re unfamiliar with hair care styling products, they might all sound like they do the same thing. But make no mistake, the chemical makeup of each has a unique impact depending on the style you are going for.

  • Hair gel provides maximum hold and is generally the strongest styling product. It should only be applied to wet hair.
  • Hair wax helps keep hair in place and has a sleek finish that’s more touchable than gel. It’s best used in mostly or fully dry hair.
  • Pomade is made without alcohol and promotes a shinier hairstyle with a bit of hold. It can be applied to dry or wet hair.

4. Hairbrush/Comb

Selecting the right hairbrush is just as important as the right hair care products. As you brush it out and prepare to style, it can mean the difference between a seamless flow and a tangled travesty. 

  • Detanglers and wet brushes are important for getting out knots or tangles before drying.
  • Curved brushes are designed for the shape of your head and are an easy tool to help dry your hair quickly.
  • A wide-tooth comb can work well for thick or curly hair due to the spacing between the teeth. 
  • Rat tail combs can be used to slick back styles and help tease for volume.

5. Hair and Scalp Treatment

To show your hair and scalp a little extra love, consider adding a treatment to your hair care rotation. This might be a mask applied and rinsed in the shower or an after-wash leave-in option. Try incorporating treatments slowly as a test to see the difference they can make in your styling needs over time.

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