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13 Men's Haircuts for 2024

13 Men's Haircuts for 2024

Your cut, flow, or fade tells a tale as unique as you are. it's the accessory you never take off, a steadfast statement, seamlessly integrating with every outfit, every pair of shoes, and every additional adornment you select. It's the finishing stroke that binds together the masterwork of your style. Understanding this, the importance of choosing the right haircut is critical. If you’re looking to change it up but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll check out some of the best men’s haircuts that came out of 2024 and provide you with the inspiration you need for your next appointment. 

The Flow

Man with flow haircut

Named for its movement, the flow typically requires medium to longer-length hair to execute well. It’s associated with being a bit rugged, pulled together by an overall effortless vibe. The flow gracefully frames your face, cascading backward and emphasizes the strands that gently drape along your cheeks. Your barber may use long layers as a way to ensure dimension.

Fluffy Fringe

Man with fluffy fringe haircut

This cut is all about volume and texture right up front. It requires a bit of styling and product to really execute well, but some practice and dedication will go a long way. Your barber will maintain the fringe— the front portion of your hair— noticeably longer than the back and sides. After washing, a gel or mousse is worked through and scrunched during the drying process, conjuring a fluffy, textured effect.

Messy Taper

Man with messy taper haircut

The Messy Taper is the perfect blend of intention and carefree style. Ideal for those days when you're in the mood for styling or simply want a quick rinse and dry. The barber will craft a fade, typically low to mid, on the sides and back, while keeping the top lengthier. Point cuts are introduced for added texture and layers, giving rise to the gradual "taper" that defines the style.


Man with mullet haircut

A classic making a comeback, mullets involve shorter lengths at the front, sides, and top while the back luxuriates in length. Within this cut, you can customize lengths to your desire or entrust your barber to deftly shape the sides. Alternatively, opt for a pronounced, shaven look or a more subdued, blended appearance. The back? Grow it out as long as you’d like.

The French Crop

Man with French crop haircut

For a fresh look with minimal styling, the French crop is the way to go. Distinct features of this haircut include a whole-head fade with a uniform trim up top. Hair on the top of your head is kept shorter compared to the messy taper and has a more uniform and precise overall style.

The Buzz Cut

Man with buzz cut

Effortlessly stylish and unambiguously professional, the Buzz Cut stands as a hallmark of low maintenance and sharp looks. To keep up with this look, it’s important to schedule regular barber appointments since the close-cut length is everything. Clippers ensure the top, back, and sides are all uniformly the same length.

The Slick Back

Man with slick back haircut

Hair needs to be kept at relatively the same short to medium length, with a few trims from your barber to ensure a seamless slick back. With a comb and gel or wax, you’ll want to apply the product and brush the hair back into a solid arch, ensuring no stray hairs are sticking up or out. This haircut can also be combined with a fade for slightly easier styling.

The Side Parting

Man with side part haircut

Parting your hair adds a new dimension to an otherwise regular look. This can be done with any length of hair but generally has a greater effect on hair that is short or faded on the sides and a little longer up top. Your barber will blow dry the hair into place on the right or left side of your head, applying wax or gel to style the shape of the hair on one side.

The Shoulder Length Cut

Man with shoulder length hair

Distinct from a mullet, the shoulder-length cut has similarly medium to longer sections throughout. The ends may be blunt cut or point cut, depending on your preferences and the texture of your hair. Your barber might cut long layers to help keep shape and body after the hair dries.

The Modern Hi-Top Fade

Man with a modern hi top fade haircut

To get this look, your barber will cut a fade around your head, typically starting just above the ear to accentuate the height illusion. The top hair remains long, expertly shaped and styled to harmonize with the fade, enhancing the overall structure and flair of this bold haircut.

The Pompadour

Man with pompadour haircut

This look requires careful attention to detail when styling. That’s because the hair is short on the back and sides and volumized in the front, creating a teased curvature and then combed backwards. This volume extends high over the forehead, whereas your barber might keep the sides and back slightly swept or less styled.

The Quiff

Man with quiff haircut

A distant relation to the pompadour, the quiff is slightly less voluminous and features more of a wind-blown style. It can work for short, medium, and longer hair and is especially easy to pair with any level fade, depending on the look you are going for.

The Textured Cut with Fringe

Man with textured fringe haircut

Pulling together a few key aspects of some of the haircuts for 2023 we’ve looked at; this cut involves fringe, fade, texture, and varying lengths. Your barber will cut a medium to low fade, but leave the hair above your ear and around this part of your head longer, tapering a cut on the top that is a medium length and the fringe left long. This haircut works great for curly or wavy hair, as the fringe is a focal point.

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